Petersville Community NPC
3rd Annual Poker Fun Run and Easter Egg Hunt

Sign up Starts at 10:30 a.m. at the Forks Roadhouse
Fun Run starts at noon!

 OVER $5,000 IN PRIZES!!
1st Prize Hand -$500 
2nd Prize Hand- $250 

3rd Prize Hand- $100

Silent Auction and Door Prize Sponsors!

A2D Sled works, Alaska House of Yamaha, Alaska Fuel Systems, Alaska LED Industries,

Alaska Spine Institute, Anchorage Yamaha/Polaris

Bob Gillam, CEO of McKinley Capital Management, LLC.
Brown Bear Espresso, Crowley
Delta Airlines, Eagle River Arctic Cat Polaris
Gate Creek Cabins, Hatcher Pass Polaris, Latitude 62
Lead Dog Helmet Light, Mad Hatter, McLaren River Lodge

Moores’ Hardware and Building Supply Inc.
Odem Corporation, Sheep Creek Lodge, Sportsman’s Warehouse

Talkeetna Air Taxi, Team CC Ski-doo,
Wal Mikes, Weld Air

Easter Egg Hunt at one of the GPS points! 
FIND THE GOLDEN EGG PAYS $100! (kids only)
Fun for all rider levels! Ride our marked trail or take your own!

You can get your South Denali Maps with the Curry Ridge Riders

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As some may know we had a SAR and the person has been found and is hopefully resting and getting some long overdue sleep.
Thank you Mike Uher who has been my friend and most valued member in the Petersville SAR. He has been dedicated since the day we started SAR in the 90's. He was up at 4:30 a.m. and ready to go. He has an uncanny sense of finding lost things in the woods.
Thank you Susie Seibert of GATE CREEK CABINS and Rod Justamachanic and their friend Robert. I called late at night woke Rod up and he and Susie took time off from work to help with this SAR. They were instrumental in this rescue and dedicated a good 12 hours of their time in the cold and dark. They are a true asset to our community.
Thank you Paul Shaw he was relentless in finding his friend. He went thru a couple sleds in the process but never gave up, just ordered more sleds! And his friends and family delivered!
Thank you to Tim the bartender at THE FORKS ROADHOUSE he spent many hours searching and opened the Roadhouse up to our SAR team to regroup and get warm. Thank you to the owners as well!
Thank you Mike St. Onge Who was up at 5:00 am and ready to go without question. Again another SAR member who has been dedicated since day one. Thank you to Dale as well from Safari Lake who is always a friend to me and tolerates my craziness with rescues.
Thank you to Andrew Smith of ANCHORAGE YAMAHA/POLARIS and Micheal Garbowski. I woke Andrew up several times in the middle of the night once accidentally and he said "it was ok I'm just a phone call away." After several hours had gone by I decided to get him out of bed and ask for help. He was kind and ready to go.
Thank you Peter Mikitin who is new to Petersville SAR but has already dedicated so much including insulating our rescue shed.
Thank you to Dove who has a hugh following on FB and knows how to use it. We all love her! And thank you Ak Snow Shredders .02 for your support and patients during the search. Thank you Chad at A2D2 SLEDWORKS who I don't think between Dove and I really had a choice but to come help! Chad is always willing to help, right!
Mostly thank you the Alaska State Troopers who are dedicated to helping others. We had a new Trooper and I am sure there was a learning curve for him, besides it was fun breaking him into our ways of "The Ville"! He was a real Trooper!
There were numerous other people who gave tips and information to my SAR Thank you for your involvement.
Thank you to the Family of the Victim for your patients I know it was hard.
If I forgot you I am so sorry! 
Thank you to everyone involved with out Alaskans like you Petersville doesn't have a successful SAR.
Just a note to all who reads this... I myself carry an inreach satellite communicator, works with your cell phone anywhere. A spot device is a good device as well and gives gps coordinates which would have been invaluable in this case and would have allowed us to find our victim much sooner. Please go prepared to stay the night and bring extra clothes and food just in case even if its "just a day ride." 
Happy Trails! 
Michele Stevens 
Petersville Search and Rescue