Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce our new Piston Bully 600! This Snowcat will be for grooming our trails and used for search and rescue, if needed. Thank you to Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation and the Rasmuson Foundation for their generous grants without them we would not have groomed trails this season! We started grooming early this year! We are grooming once a week and all trails are set as of January 1 2020!  Petersville Community will groom the East/West Express from the reflector tree, west to Petersville Road, all of Safari Lake/Togosinta trail from Petersville Road to Bunco Creek, Deep Creek trail to JimMar trail and Petersville road from Kroto parking lot to JimMar Trail. Happy Trails!

Petersville Community NPC Board of Directors

Michele Stevens, Bob Barndt, Dina Wasser, Mark Wasser, Marie Richter