Minutes for the February 9th, 2019 meeting Grooming Grievances.

Called to order at 4:30 and introduced Randy Crosby 

Randy talked of how he got into the business, the history of grooming the trails, political items along the way and gave notice of no longer grooming trails in the Petersville Area. 

Mark Wasser read the Petersville Community NPC’s agenda to the public it was as follows: 

We organized Petersville Community Non-Profit for 2 reasons: 

1.) Randy had given Michele notice that he was done grooming. She asked if he would give her time to see if there was anything she could do to help with funding, he agreed.  

2.) Michele being Strategic Commander for SAR found herself in a position of, no place to store the rescue sled and gear. It had been moved from cabin to cabin since the lodge was sold. It was often hard to find or had to be unburied with snow. So she started to raise money for a shed. That season she and Kenny Creek Lodge raised 1000$ thru donations which was used to pay for the start up of the non-profit 

Michele looked into the community share program and she saw that there were funds waiting for the community, so she formed the non-profit with the hopes that all people who owned land would have a say in the way the community would be governed.  

A board of directors was organized and the BOD applied to the Mat Su borough for the community share program funding. We applied to the IRS to become a 501(c)3 non-profit. Petersville became incorporated in May of 2015 

PCNPC applied to the MSB for lands, which were granted in Kenny Creek Sub. The agreement between the non-profit and the borough is that if the corp. dissolves the land goes back to the borough. The land is exempt from taxes due to an application that was filed for exempt. 

The Board of Directors voted in 2016 to have Mark Richter build the rescue shed. I know he donated a lot of his time and supplies that he had left over from other projects. The cost was approx. 19k 

March of 2016 we had our second fun run at the shed and it was a fantastic way to show the community our newest addition. 

2017 Jacob Harris passed away in the Talkeetna Mts and His family donated his funds from his bank acct to Petersville SAR. We bought an AED machine with those funds. It is at the Forks Roadhouse for the public. Later Jacob’s family donated his perm fund and we would like to get a second AED but we need to have it located in the subdivision orwhere all can access it and it needs to be kept warm.  

2018 we had a good turn out for the Fun Run and we have the numbers on the tax sheet.  

2019 PCNPC is working with legislation to pass HB 23. Discussion: Michele educated the need to have everyone to write their house reps and senators in favor of HB 23. 

We raised enough donations to pay for the grooming in Dec., which is early since Randy starts in Jan. Discussion: Michele had a discussion with the public to resolve issues with funds for grooming. There were suggestions such as a home owners assoc. where we could apply fees that would go to the trails if everyone put in 30$ a month we would have 30K a year based on 100 people. Randy gave Michele a information sheet of how much was spent on grooming in the past 4 years which was approx. 40K a year. We all agreed to conduct another meeting to further discuss ideas. 

We conducted a survey and found we now meet the qualifications of 25 residents to become a part of the Community Share Program, which will bring additional funds to grooming. Possibly up to 20K a year. The Board has contacted MSB and is currently working on the grant.  

We have qualified for a grant for neighborhood watch program and would like to hear what we would like to do with the funds.  2,941.17$ It should include Safari Lake parking as well as Kroto. Discussion was held and the public suggested signage, a camera, and hiring someone to patrol the parking areas. 

The Fun Run Easter Egg hunt will be March 23rd and it will be really fun this year. We have expanded to a vintage ride and show & shine along with the Skwenta 200. Hatcher Pass Polaris will have a booth set up to see the sleds and maybe other venders as well. (Still working on that). 
We will be having T-shirts, Hats and Swag!
We have applied for a gaming permit and should have raffles, pull tabs and split the pot, along with some silent action items.
Thru the gaming permits we are hoping that it will target the day riders and bring more income to PCNPC. 

Currently we are working on grants to purchase a Snow Cat and drag.  This may take awhile and we may have a season without grooming but we are hopeful this won’t happen. We have talked to Dave Cruz with the hopes if needed we can lease his equipment for one season. 
Rod Bodenner at Gate Creek Cabins has volunteered to maintain the Snow Cat which without that offer the Snow Cat would not be an option. Thank you Susie for sharing him! There was some discussion on how much funding we would need to purchase a snow cat. 

One last thing we are always looking for volunteers and we can use more Board Members! Some suggested that we use FB to get people involved.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.